I'll be giving the TOEFL soon. I wanted to know if there is a website where I could practice for the TOEFL speaking section, and where my speech can be assessed .
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Hello Soka, Im having the toefl on next saturday. So far, I don't know about any website to practice the speaking section. If you'd like we could practice our speaking skills through skype, because I really need it. See you.
Hi Soka,

Try this site - http://toeflnow.com/speaking

You can record your speaking via skype and a TOEFL grader will give you feedback and a mark.

Good luck,
Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.
Hello, Soka
you can practice The speaking section online for free here :


As for assessement there is no free way to do it. You can try Jason Renshaw if you are ready to pay some money for it, he is the best mentor as far as i know.