These exercises seems difficult to me, please help:
1> The decomposition of microscopic animals at the bottom of the sea results in an accumulation of ----------- in porous rocks.
(A)- the oil
(B)- oil
(C)- an oil
(D)- oils
2> Nerve impulses --------------- to the brain at a speed of about one hundred yards per second.
(A)- sending sensations
(B)- to send sensations
(C)- send sensations
3>------------------- like MacDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken have used franchising to extend their sales internationally.
(A)- Chain's restaurants
(B)- Chains restaurants
(C)- Chain restaurant
(D)- Chain restaurants
4>-------------------- the plow is being displaced by new techniques that protect the land and promise more abundant crops.
(A)- As a whole
(B)- Wholly
(C)- On a whole
(D)- The whole
5> There are many beautifully preserved historic buildings ------------------
(A)- in Beacon Street in Boston
(B)- in Beacon Street at Boston
(C)- on Beacon Street in Boston
(D)- at Beacon Street on Boston
Please explain yuor answer- thanks
Kind regards,
Khai Minh
Hello Khai Minh. Please try to answer them yourself first and tell us why you chose those answers; then we will check your results.
Yes, i do it now.
1> i choose A. because of " the +...+in+...."
2> i choose C, i don't think " impulses" is a verb.
3> i choose D, just a guess, i don't know why.
4> i choose A, since B and D is not correct, but C maybe right.
5> i choose C, it must have" in Boston",and i think "on a street" is better than " in a street"
kind regards,
Khai Minh
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Good work, Khai Minh.

1. No; B is the answer-- 'oil' is a non-specific uncountable noun here.

2. Right. 'Send' is the main verb.

3. Good guess. 'Chain' as an adjective should be singular, and 'restaurants' as the subject should be plural to agree with the verb 'have'.

4. Right. A is a correct idiomatic phrase. C would be correct if it read: 'on the whole'.

5. You're right, I suppose, because they are speaking of an American city, but this is a poor question-- AmE uses 'on Beacon Street', but BrE uses 'in Beacon Street'.
Thanks, now i understand.

2.to send sensations

3.chain restaurant

4.On a whole

5.on beaconstreet in boston
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Anon, thank you for your attempt to help, but this post was asked and answered two years ago. Please look for more recent posts, with open questions, as a better place to share your thoughts.

A. The oil