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A teacher’s ability to relate well with students is more important than excellent knowledge of the subject being taught.

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

Education plays an important part in society because it gives the learners knowledge and skills they require to understand the world and change the world. Entering the educational system, the students hope to study with the best teachers they can have. Therefore, as an educator, a numerous of skills and expertise is needed in order to be a good teacher. Therefore, in my perspective, a teacher needs to have both the capability to get along well with students as well as outstanding knowledge of the subject that he or she is going to teach.

First of all, if the teachers are able to stick close to their students, they will understand students better, hence, learn the way to teach them in the most efficient manners. Student’s ways of learning vary from one to another. Some are visual learners. Some prefer learning by doing instead of listening or reading. These characteristics will be seen and acknowledged if the instructors spend time talking with their students. Once they understand, they can develop different methods and strategies suited different kinds of students when teaching them, thus allows students to learn in their favorite ways. As a result, they will enjoy classes more, be more cooperative with the teacher and interpret the information better and faster.

On the other hand, the expertise of the teacher in his or her subject is irreplaceable in order to deliver a good lecture. With sufficient knowledge, the teacher can give informative instructions, answer the questions from students and handle the problems well. Students also feel that they are being trained by professional trustworthy trainers. If a teacher has a lack of knowledge in his subject, students will feel skeptical of the knowledge being taught, and might not want to listen to that teacher.

An average person spends around 16 years in school, around one-fifth of their lives expecting to get the most out of knowledge being taught. By studying with a good teacher having the excellent ability to relate with students and top-notch knowledge in his or her field, the students will be able to fulfill their goals in life.

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