Hi there:
I am not sure if I should use the "'s" in the following context:

It was discussed in yesterday's (or yesterday) meeting.

The issue will be address in tomorrow's (or tomorrow) session.

She will come to tonight's (tonight?) party.

Many thanks for your help!

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All your " 's "s are right, Sofia: 'yesterday's meeting, tomorrow's session, tonight's party'. Your alternatives are 'the meeting yesterday, the session tomorrow, the party tonight'.
It sounded weird to me because I thought that you only use the ['s] to demonstrate that something belongs to someone (i.e. Joan's book). Thanks a lot
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That's the general rule from the grammar book, but the fact of the matter (not the matter's fact) is that there are many common usages where a nonhuman takes 's. And the usage is growing.
Thanks for that. I will try to spot the other exceptions then.
Hi there
It's me again with another question on aphostropes and "s". Is it correct two say "in two weeks time? or should I say "in two weeks' time"?
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thanks !
Hi Mister Micawber & Jim,

By same rules, we should be able to say "today's morning" . Correct ???

Today's morning meeting was very intense. OR

Today morning's meeting was very intense. OR

This morning's meeting was very intense. OR

This morning meeting was very intense. OR

Morning meeting was very intense.

I had heard that "today morning" or "today's morning" are wrong usage.. And that "this morning" is appropriate to use.

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