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Whoever makes it, tells it not. Whoever takes it, knows it not. And whoever knows it, wants it not. What is it?


- Joy[Y]
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Counterfeit money?

coffin box(is it?)
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Nope, Ayesha, DjB is right - it's counterfeit money.

This riddle sounds a lot like the Coffin riddle, which is primarily why I decided to post it. Anyone who has a link to that riddle on EnglishForward(I'm perfectly sure it's been posted at least twice), please put the link in here!


- Joy [Y]
That's a muffin! Emotion: big smile

Why you...[6]Emotion: big smile


- Joy [H]
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Isn't it a muffin? Sounded cool to me... Emotion: big smile

Why you bad boy! Emotion: big smile

Not sure the "he who knows it, wants it not" fits a muffin, does it? Emotion: stick out tongue

Cheers! [Y]
Yes if you burned it while cooking it! Emotion: big smile

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