Dear forum members,

I'm a 50 year old native English speaking Brit who wants to take a CELTA course and teach Business English in Europe.

BUT I belong to the generation of British school children educated in the 70's and 80's to whom English grammar was not taught.

I am applying for a CELTA course and the application form has brought this home to me, loud and clear!

I think I can correct the statements, but I am unable to explain how. For example, (I think) I can correct the statement 'When I would do that you wouldn’t like it' with 'If I did that you wouldn't like it' or 'when I do that you don't like it' (depending on the intended meaning) but I can't explain the why 'would do' is grammatically incorrect in this example.

I hope I'm not a lost cause. Any pointers to useful resources would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much, Karen

Hi Karen. Welcome to EnglishForward.

Michael Swan's Practical English Usage is often recommended (and cited) by the teachers and grammarians on here.

Hi Blue Jay,

Thanks for your response and advise. I will invest and also dig deeper within this forum which seems to be a great source of reference.

Thanks again, Karen