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What means of "too much of a stretch"?

I think it has a different meaning in context, and its direct meaning is "Too Long".

I am not sure about it...

There are lots of words which was not entered in Dictionary yet. It's hard for me.

I found two examples.

1)hope today's show wasn't too much of a stretch.

-> I think this expression means "Hope you'll be understood the show well."

2)It is too much of a stretch to blame Prime Minister for the Green affair.

-> I think this expression means "It is too presumptuous to blame ***."

I'd appriciate it if you'd answer. Emotion: smile

It comes from the following definition of stretch:
- The act or fact of stretching or extending something beyond reasonable or proper limits: You wouldn't call her a genius by any stretch of the imagination. It's quite a stretch for me to believe his story.

"Too much of a stretch" means that something is being interpreted too liberally, going beyond what is reasonably the truth of the matter, and into the realm of speculation.
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I appreciate your answer. It's very quick answer!!

and your expressions give me a lot of instruction, "realm of speculation", "resonably", "going beyond what" etc. I found these expression, great expression to me Emotion: smile

Thanks, hope I'll get a advice from you next time.

Some matter stretch too much longer then it will become worsted