What's the meaning of those two actions in this song? Is there an underlying message? This whole line in the song Self Esteem, by the band The Offspring, has always bugged me. The song basically deals with a guy's lack of self esteem in his relationship wih his girlfriend. I added a few more lines to give a bit of a context:

I wrote her off for the tenth time today
And practiced all the things I would say
But she came over, I lost my nerve
I took her back and made her dessert
Now I know I'm being used
That's okay man cause I like the abuse
I know she's playing with me
That's okay cause I got no self esteem
I cannot detect any underlying message or meaning in this. I'm trying to think of sexual metaphors but even in that rich seam I'm drawing a blank.
Me, neither. I think he actually fixed her a sundae or something, symbolizing mundane deference in contrast to his planned magnificent defiance.
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"I took her back" -- He intended to break up with her as evidenced by the line "wrote her off...and practiced all the things I would say." But he lost his courage to do so once she came over to his house.

What's more than that, he even "made her dessert." This is emphasizing his subservience. Not only did he lack the courage to leave her, he welcomed her back with open arms, even though he knows he shouldn't have because he's "being used."
Thank you all. I guess I was reading too much into that line. Hehe.
I know this post is old but "made her dessert" is slang for cunnilingus. Was just listening to Offspring and after over 2 decades I thought about the line and Urban Dictionary agreed with my thought.

My search also showed your query so I thought you would like to know that you were properly reading into it. More to go towards his self esteem. It doesn't say he got anything in return as he was being used.
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AnonymousI know this post is old but "made her dessert" is slang for cunnilingus.
That is completely new to me. I need to get out and about more.

When you wanna be with someone, you fight for it, specially after a break up. 😉

thought it he gave her a cream pie
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