If you were asked to list 5 books that you think they are the kind of 5 books everyone in the world should read them, what would they be?
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i don't know but i'm very interessting but this topic cause i want to read these 5 books!
Emotion: smile harry potter series! lol
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Definitely you should read "The Green Mile" by Stephen King!!! That's my favorite book!!! I can read it hundred of times...
hey Lemoncookie i agree with yeh! i love Stephen King! and i read green mile! really good book!
I haven't read "The Green Mile". But, I have seen a movie named The Green Mile. Does anyone know whether the movie is taken from that very same book??

2 people recommended on that book! it must be something! I will definitely look forward to reading it.
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Ville_maddengurlEmotion: smile harry potter series! lol
Ville_maddengurl, I am pretty sure that Harry Potter series should be on the top of the list! it will definitely deepen my understanding to the world...Emotion: stick out tongue lol
Yeah, there is a movie named "The Green Mile" which is taken from the book by Stephen King! But even if you saw that movie, you should read that book! I can't really compare the movie and the book, because I haven't seen the movie so far, but I think, that books are often better than the movies!
So, enjoy reading it Emotion: wink
Hi Sheena84, Just out of curiosity,Who is the most famous writer of your country, Kurdistan?
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