I have recently read an article which said:

' ... it will change its system of capital punishment so that its top court will review all death sentences.'

Could you tell me the meaning of top court? Is it the same as suppreme court?

Thank you in advance.
Depending on what 'it' refers to, yes, CP-- the highest court having jurisdiction.
Thanks for your answer. That it refers to a country.

I've got another question about the same article:

'The president of the Supreme People's Court ...'

Is this also the same as 'supreme court'?
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What's in a name, CP? It sounds like it to me, but you'll have to ask China or whatever country it is for corroboration.
Thanks again for your answer.

And yes, the country is China, how did you know?Emotion: surprise
Supreme People's Court. It smacks of Commu-speak.
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Perhaps it's Supreme People's Court?