To put it into context, Spain had lost only once in their previous 41 matches. They came into this competition as the joint favourites alongside Brazil and they are so top-heavy with superstars their bench here included quite possibly the best goalkeeper, midfielder and striker in the Premier League last season. The Euro 2008 winners passed the ball superbly, working those elaborate, triangular patterns, always looking for the killer pass. But this was pass-them-to-death football without end product and unless Spain can remedy that it could be another demoralising World Cup, and a long and tortuous inquest.
Switzerland defended stoutly, rolled up their sleeves and when Fernandes bundled in the rebound from Blaise Nkufo's shot, completely against the run of play, it gave them the greatest incentive to withstand the late onslaught. Xabi Alonso rocketed a shot against the crossbar. Fernando Torres, a second-half substitute, came close and, at times, the Swiss were indebted to their goalkeeper, Diego Benaglio, but this was not one of those smash-and-grab victories that could be attributed solely to good goalkeeping.

Please explain to me the emboldened parts.

Source : http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2010/jun/16/spain-switzerland-world-cup-match-report
put in to context - relate to this subject

top-heavy - lots of people at the top (in this case most of the team are superstars)

their bench - their team
"put it into context" = explain important background details

"top-heavy" = the team has many elite players (think of a bookcase which is heaviest on the top shelf)

"bench" = substitutions (they sit on the bench)
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