Topic: School should not force children to learn a foreign language. What extent do you agree or disagree?

Most schools globally add leaning one foreign language as a compulsory subject.

That has some benefits, but occasionally it leads to nothing, only wastes their time.

There is something to be said for compelling studying a foreign language at school. Learning a foreign language is better if starting learning as soon as possible. It helps children can master on another language behind their native linguistic. A new language helps students could integrate into other cultures, extend their knowledge. They would be easygoing to find good jobs in the future. That is the reason why Singapore, one of the developed countries in the world still maintains Chinese as a compulsory in their general education behind English. This is a big advantage for Singapore citizens in the labor market when they can cooperate with both American, Western Countries and Chinese – a large market in the world.

However, I also believe that forcing one language at school is unnecessary. As a mother, a teacher, have you ever seen your students who are good at Math, History but not good at Literature, Geography? I think people have some compensations but also have some drawbacks. So, we cannot compulsory all students learn one foreign language. Studying an elective subject would encourage students in studying and promote their ability. It doesn’t waste their time for unwanted subjects.

I agree that learning foreign languages at schools is necessary. Moreover, this should be an elective subject. I suppose that students have right to choose their loving culture.


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