Gosh, I have some trouble with these replies:

So do I, Neither do I, Neither can I, So I can, Either do I...

Either do I and So do I are the same? aren't them?

Please I need the rules and the way to use those formes.

Another question is about the -s in verbs for third person, present simple.

she works, he needs..God says or say..Jesus tell or tells...when we don't use the -s in present simple third person.

I have some other questions but gosh I don't find my notes...

Thanks in advance for your help

Make a search (top right Search box) with:
neither can I
neither so either
there are many good threads out there already.


There are just too many questions stuffed in there to answer. Calm down and sort out your questions and post them up here individually and we'll help.

By the way, 'either do I' is incorrect. I know that you can say 'neither do I' to mean the negative but I'm afraid you can't assume from that that 'either do I' is the same thing in the positive. It isn't. We don't use that at all.
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Either do I read aloud or to myself. Do I either read out loud, or to myself?

Is the first sentence even correct? I'm not sure how 'either do I' could be used.

I don't like to read out loud. Neither do I. Nor do I.

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HooksterDo I either read out loud, or to myself? Only this is correct.

I don't like to read out loud. Neither do I. Nor do I. Neither do I (In US).

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