My professor asked us to write about a very interesting topic related to sociolinguistics and the paper term should not exceed more than 15 pages. I dont know what to write about and from where to search information about sociolinguistics. So, can you give me a list of very interesting topics about it, please? I will be really gratefulEmotion: embarrassed.
Why don't you start[url= ]HERE[/url] or google the word yourself for a vast array of topics?
Thank you Mister Micawber but the topics here are very general and the professor wants a very specific topics. So, I need your help please ( please don't get mad)^^""".
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Are you taking a survey course in linguistics? Did you read about any studies that you found interesting? You can write about those. I found a study done on Martha's Vinyard very interesting. See if you can find anything out about that. But there are all kinds of things you can write about. Really, what interests you?
Yes, my major is linguistics and it is my first time to take sociolinguistics as a subject.

Well, there are lots of topics in my mind like gender or age group, but the professor wants a specific and interesting ideas. A half of my grade is on the term paper. So, i need your helpEmotion: embarrassed.
Can't you ask him, if he could give you such an advice?
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Hi againEmotion: smile,

I am thinking about writing about the differences in writing style between the sexs. What do you think?And do you know any sites that I could refer to ? And Thank you.
There was a topic in this forum about that.
Thank you spinnaker for your response, but do you remember the name of the topic? because there are 466 pages.
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