For maximum healing power, make this special soup: Toss garlic (two to three colves per serving) and a bit of ginger into a potful of vegetable soup that has a lot of ingredients loaded with vibamins A and C.


On the above sentence, what is the meaning of 'toss'?

I thnink it is not just ' to stir'. It might be 'to bake' or 'to fry'. What do you think? (Thank you!!)
To toss garlic or ginger into soup is to throw it in gently, to drop it in, to put it in, to place it in, to add it to the soup. It has nothing to do with stirring. You stir after you toss it in.

tossing is a sort of throwing without a lot of force.

Toss in this context means to throw or to put in.

In cricket or other ball games a ball may be tossed or thrown.
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