"It's my personal touch and I love it a lot." (The person was talking about the decoration of her house.)

What does 'touch' mean? Is it a common usage in English?

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Yes, a (usually small) part of the decor (in this case) which exhibits her individuality, her creativity.
Hi Mr. M.,

So, 'touch' here means 'individuality' or 'creativity'?

Can't find such a definiton under the word 'touch'.

Thanks for the reply.
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Almost: it means expression of individuality, etc.--

noun: a distinguishing style (Example: "This room needs a woman's touch")
Thanks again, Mr.M.

Good to know 'touch' has such a meaning.

No further questions.
It's a kind of poetic use of the word. Of the five senses-sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste-touch is considered the most intimate and the most most personal, next to the sense of taste. The closeness of the connection we make to something when we touch it is used to illustrate that a product made by one's own hands is more individualized and personalized. Artists often speak of 'touch' in an artwork, and it means this sensitivity to the material nature of things as experienced through actual contact with the hands. The word is also used more loosely, as in your example, where it is more likely an expression of having a personal role in aesthetic decisions.
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Hi Dave,

I have to say, the derivative of 'touch' is quite different from its original meaning, the sense of touch.

Thanks for the follow-up.
On the contrary, I was actually trying to suggest the aptness of the term to it usage here. Touch has always meant 'contact', even in the year 1290 AD, when it supposedly originated. You can't get much closer to something than when you are touching it, so it's the closeness, intimacy, personalness. Here's an interesting related saying: "You can't send a kiss by messenger."
Hi Dave,

Well, as the e.g. I cited, "It's my personal touch and I love it a lot."

Here, 'touch' is similar to 'taste'. It is similar to say, "It's my personal taste and I love it a lot."

The derivative meaning such as 'expression of individuality, creativity' is more related to your brains rather than your senses.

So, it was quite confusing when I first heard of it.

Thanks for the reply.
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