1. My girlfriend is rude at times towards me.

- Can I say "My girlfriend is rude at times to me" to mean the same meaning as the sentence above?

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I wouldn't find 'towards' all that odd if I heard it in the given sentence. To me, it makes what is said sound a bit weaker, a bit less definite.

Towards means 'in the direction of' (OED), so the first sentence doesn't make sense. My girlfriend is rude to me at times is the way to construct it. I put at times at the end for purely stylistic reasons -- it reads better.
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Clive: My girlfriend is rude at times in my direction. How can that be a good sentence? Perhaps there's another meaning of towards which I am missing.

Perhaps you'll disagree with me, but I think you are being a bit too restrictive in how you look at the word.

Would you also object to this?

'She was very kind towards me'.

I feel about this as I feel about the original.

Finally, I just looked in my own dictionary and found


1. In the direction of

2. as regards: in relation to

#2 is the meaning I had in mind in my original post.

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Clive, I think you are right. There is that second sense which I was not taking into account.
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