In many beauty competitions, I can see they have a part to show traditional clothes. In my country, the traditional clothes are " ao dai", which are known as long dress. Tell me about your traditional clothes. Thank you very much.
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Which country are you from?

We don't really have any traditional clothing in England.

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In my country we have beautiful traditional clothes and we take care to preserve our heritage and tradition.

First: male clothes

Men clothes are the same in all region in our country and they look as you can see in the pictures.

second: female clothes

female clothes are very colore full with many wonerfull jewels and they are different littile bet from a region to another as you can see in these pictures.

Hopefully that you know some about the traditional clothes in my country and nice to see your coments.

I willing to tell you more about our lovely country.

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Thanks Pink Pearl very much for your care of my subject. I think your country and traditional clothes are really nice.
There are my pictures about our traditional clothes:
Female: In addition to being worn at traditional and festive occasions, plain white Áo Dài is the uniform for female students in many Vietnamese highschool and some universities . Many companies also require their female staff to be attired in the Áo dài.
Typical plain white Áo Dài - worn as a uniform for high school girls in Vietnam.
Royal one.
Especially , the " Áo Dài" can be worn by both man and woman, girl and boy. You can see it in the pictures about APEC 2006 meeting :
World Leaders attending the APEC 2006 Summit in Hanoi dressed in Áo dài.
Thanks for seeing my informations.

Dear nona the brit, I come from Viet Nam, which placed at Southeast Asia.

In China,It is well known as"Tang zhuang"In China Town,you can see it------

Bush and Jiang

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Talk about Chinese traditional clothes,"Tang zhuang",it is becoming more fashion in these years.

well, in holland we do have traditional clothes, it's called klederdracht, although it's worn only on very touristic places or very very old people. I've never worn it and i'm not planning's very stereotyp and..ugly:P

these are some pic's.

Typical plain white Áo Dài - worn as a uniform for high school girls in Vietnam.

is this seriously a highschool uniform? I LOVE IT, i wish i had to wear such things to school:P soo much better then ties and sweaters, or no uniforms.

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