Nowadays, traffic jams are a disastrous issue that everyone who lives in a big city like Ho Chi Minh City is concerned about. Authorities have found an effective solution to solve the problem many times, nevertheless, it seems not to work due to human consciousness.

To begin with, Ho Chi Minh City is full of motorbikes around the junction of the city. Vietnam has been considered as a kingdom of motorbike, so it is not strange to mention it as a main cause of traffic jams. The population increasingly enhances our demand for using vehicles everyday. Besides, poor transport infrastructure is also the reason for this problem. Damaged roads prevent us from moving in the city and working quality.

As a result, in rush hour, the city has more smog that affects human health badly. It causes many disease concerns about respiratory systems like lungs cancer, tuberculosis, ect. Furthermore, it also has a bad impact on our environment, the enhanced greenhouse effect and climate change. In addition, poor transport infrastructure is also a disadvantage. It causes accidents if you do not pay any attention on the damaged road. While some other countries in the world use three-dimensional images of damaged roads to prevent accidents.

Thus, encouraging the citizens to use public transport is necessary. Going to work by bus or bicycle is one of the most effective solutions to decrease traffic jams as well as air pollution. Therefore, the authorities should upgrade and expand transport infrastructure, then, the improvement of this will minimize traffic jams as it can.

To sum up, a lot of solutions are recommended for us to decrease traffic jams in Ho Chi Minh City. However, whether it works or not depends on human consciousness.


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