Hi All,

I am a student in university

I was asked to write a report about traffic pollution

Actually it's not report. It's kind of project.

What I mean is that, we are a company (our group in english class) and

we have to give some solution to prevent traffic pollution. And the teacher want from

us to write about this and what we are going to do to prevent traffic pollution

and what are we going to use?

So, if any one has some ideas please help us.

Thank You All.
Have you tried a search for "traffic pollution solutions" on the net? There is plenty of material out there.
Thanks for ur help and sorry for late reply.

Actually, I did search on the internet and i found some usefull website

and many solutions.

But the problem is how are we going to apply this solutions?

For example, one solution is building wide road ... so what are we going to do ..? This is the question..?
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How about writing down your ideas and suggestions for solutions, and seeing what we have to say?

I will list first the solutions, then how we will apply them..


  1. Building wide roads and Bridges.

  2. Put fees on the car parking.

  3. Putting Camera on the traffic light.

  4. Metro , Trains ..
This is some solutions i will think of more and i will write how we are going to appply them..

If u have any idea please help me..

It's a start.

I am not sure how building wider roads and bridges will counter pollution. The evidence is that if you build bigger roads, traffic increases to fill them.

If the aim is to reduce traffic, then you need to think about how you persuade people to leave their cars at home and use public transport.

Also, if the pollution is from the internal combustion engine, perhaps encouraging vehicle designers and manugacturers to seek alternative means of fuelling them and also to design more efficient engines should be considered.
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