I need help answering this riddle...does annyone know the answer?

There was a train crash. The police said that there were no casualties, but 2 bodies were found. How is this possible?
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Bodies of what?
Perhaps two people died in city A, and the train was transporting their bodies in coffins to City B?

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if there is quarrel between two persons about train accident,Which was not happened .And if they fight each other for that reason .and died then such things may happen
there was a couple named mr. and mrs. bodie ?
Two bodies were found doesn't imply anyone died. There were only two people on the train, a conductor and someone else...
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possible there was dead people in coffins
Well, I know two "proper" answers, but one thing they have in common: the train fell out of the track and plowed through the soil, opening two hidden graves.
And the difference: in the first version it was simply the cemetery; in the second version - bodies belonged to the victims of mafia.
was it a body of water ? Emotion: smileEmotion: rofl
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