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It's cheaper than in Europe.

I'm awfully sorry that I got off topic. So for now back to topic.
In 2004 they opened a short stretch of 'private motorway' near Birmingham. Drivers have the choice of staying on the normal motorway (the M6) or leaving it for part of their journey to drive on the 27 mile long private motorway at a cost of £3.

This was built as this stretch of road is the busiest and most congested in Britain after the M25 (the London ringroad motorway). When the new private motorway was opened, between junctions four and 11 of the M6, the average speed was just 17mph because the road, which was designed for 72,000 vehicles per day, was struggling with 160,000 to 180,000 vehicles per day.

I don't know how popular it is.
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What's the maximum speed limit on motorways in UK?
Nona The Brit70mph
It is less than in the most other Europe countries but not much.
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To be honest when the traffic is ok not many people stick to the limit. It's not uncommon to cruise at around 80-90mph. (and you get some going faster). You just have to cross your fingers that the police won't catch you.
I think that's common in the most countries. For example the French have a maximum speed limit of ~80mph. But they tend to drive up to 90mph as well.

For a long time, the maximum speed in the US was only 55 mph, because it was supposed to conserve gas, I guess. Many years ago (but within my own memory) it was raised to 65. And then in a very few places, a few years ago, it can be as high as 75. As in other places, people often travel faster than that, but no one I know routines travels at 75 or 80, and at 90 I would be terrified. (Mostly of the cost of the ticket!)
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You don't fancy doing a ton-up then (100mph?). Emotion: smile

Not that I am saying speeding is good. Most people stick to or pretty close to the limit on anything other than the motorways and some of the larger A roads. Funnily enough, I know of plenty of people who get nicked for doing maybe 36mph in a 30mph zone, but I've never heard of anyone getting done for speeding on a motorway unless they were doing really silly speeds (100mph plus) or were unlucky enough to go through a temporary speed trap.
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