1. Ankita is as intelligent as her sister. (Change degree of comparison)

Ans. Her sister is not more intelligent than Ankita herself.

2. It is better to starve than to beg. (Change degree of comparison)

Ans. It is good to starve than to beg.

3.Alas! He is utterly ruined. (Change to assertive)

Ans. Its so sad that he is utterly ruined.

4. I care about what he says. (Begin: I do not..............)

Ans. I do not overlook what he says.

5. You will always remain in my thoughts. (End: ...................... forgotten.)

Ans. You will never be forgotten.

6. Amazing facts were revealed by our science teacher.(End............. revelation.)

Ans. Our Science teacher was the cause of amazing facts revelation.

7. I could not play in the match as I was ill. (Begin: Owing..........)

Ans. Owing to my illness I could not play in the match.

8. His excellent performance surprised everyone. (Use: excellence)

Ans. His excellence in performance surprised everyone.

9. Your efforts did not bear any fruits. (Use borne)

Ans. Your efforts haven borne any fruits.

10. Your pen is the same make as mine. (Begin: Your pen is not..........)

Ans. Your pen is not of a different make than mine.

11. He is very handsome but he isnt very clever. (He isnt as...........)

Ans. He isnt very clever as he is handsome.

12. Dont walk on the grass. (Use: keep off....)

Ans. Keep off the grass.

13. Do not be deceived by his polite manner. (Use taken in, in place of deceived.)

Ans. Do not be taken in by his polite manner.

14. She continued to dance till the end. (Begin: You.......)

Ans. "NO IDEA"

15. But for the accident, they should have had a good picnic. (Begin: if)

Ans. If the accident would not have take place, they would have had a good picnic.

16. We were unwise to ask him to come. (Begin: We should..........)

Ans. We should not have asked him to come.

Please correct my answers leaving the one already correct. Thanks in advance.
Please help me out with this one also. Thanx awfully!
Q.15taken not take
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Ritwik06You will always remain in my thoughts.
In my thoughts,you will never be forgotten.

Question 14: you danced till the end.

(Doubtful answer)

I could not play the match because I was ill. (begin the sentence with owing)
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anonymous I could not play the match because I was ill. (begin the sentence with owing)

Hi anonymous, and welcome. Emotion: smile

This is an old thread and unlikely to attract much attention. In future, start a new thread for your questions.

Owing to my illness, I could not play in the match.

The third answer should be it is shocking that he is utterly ruined.I hope this would help.