1) Milk is white (negative).

=Milk is not non-white.

2) The earth is round (negative).

=The earth is not non-round.

I have transformed the above sentences into negative without changing of meaning. Now, I want to know whether the sentences are correct or not. If the transforming sentences are incorrect, please, give me solution of these sentences. I need your help.
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'Non-' is a negative prefix, so you have created double negatives. My only other comment is that your negations are not sentences that would be used in the real world.
Could you please explain why you are determined "to transform sentences into negative without changing of meaning"? I can imagine a grammar exercise that asks you to change affirmative sentences into negative sentences, (with examples like "he walks quickly" and "he doesn't walk quickly"), but of course transforming a sentence into the negative changes the meaning.

Creating a negative sentence that has the same meaning as an affirmative sentence seems like a useless exercise that will only generate unnatural sentences. What's the point? Is this an exercise someone has asked you to do, or did you get the idea yourself?

I guess what I'm trying to say is that if your goal is to create a sentence including the word "not" that has the same meaning as the sentence "milk is white," then "milk is not non-white" is the "correct answer." But I don't see why anyone would need or want to do such a thing. The sentence "milk is not non-white" might be of interest in a study of logic, but it's not useful in any kind of ordinary communication.

Is your goal simply to point out that "two negatives equal a positive" ("not non-white' equals "white")? Again, this is logically correct but not useful in daily language.
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khoffthis is logically correct but not useful in daily language.
On the other hand, it is probably not inappropriate to point out here that similar constructions are not infrequently encountered in nineteenth-century British novels. Emotion: smile

The sentences are wrong but I don't know what is the correct answer.

1) Milk is white.

Milk is not white. (negative)

2) The earth is round.

The earth is not round. (negative)

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I think its correct cause we have the same portion for English grammer. We have to change affirmative to negative without changing the meaning of the original sentence. For ex- "i am happy " will change into "i am not sad"
"I was not a little surprised." How to make it affirmative.
I was rather surprised.
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