hi guys

i am bit confused with transitive and intransitive verbs ....

My sister lived in london .

the verb "lived" has an object 'london' . but this is wrong i guess .i read for the verb should answer 'what or where' ??this it does

but i am not getting it .
please help me out

and elaborate wht exactly sentence should be to make it a transitive verb...


Hi Rahul,

Simply, a transitive verb requires a direct object that receives some sort of action.

I mail a letter. The letter is mailed.

I kick a ball. The ball is kicked.

I read a book. The book is read.

An object will be a "what" so you would have to say "What did she X?" to ask a question about a sentence using a transitive verb. What did she kick, what did she read, etc.

In your example, you cannot say "What did she live?" to get the answer "In London" so London is not the direct object, which means it's not a transitive verb.

A dictoinary will tell you whether a verb is transitive, intransitive, bi-transitive, or can serve more than one role.

"To live" has one sense of being a transitive verb, but the meaning "to occupy a home" is intransitive. (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/live - Main Entry: 1live Function: verb Inflected Form(s): lived; liv·ing

intransitive verb

4 a: to occupy a home : dwell <living in a shabby room> <they had always lived in the country> b: to be located or stored <the silverware lives here>)

I hope that helps a bit.

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thanxx alot

i got your point
in this sentence ....

Adam consented to the eating of the fruit .

is 'consented' a transitive verb or an intransitive verb..

I think it's transitive verb as it has an object 'eating'
No, it's intransitive.

Compare this: Adam considered eating the apple.

What did Adam consider? Eating the apple.

But with "Adam consented to eating the apple" you can't say "What did Adam consent?" You'd have to say "What did Adam consent TO?
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thank you now i got it

this forum is great ...


Hi friends

The transitive takes object

And ask question to u

As example

What she read? See you can understand

Bye 👋,

ThankThankyou ☺☺☺