I decided to translate a few jokes for you and ease Deepblue & Anita :].

From time to time a bear walks around the wood with bunny. On one of their strolls they saw a frog which - to their surprise - spoken to them:
- I'm a Magic Frog with the ability to make 6 of your wishes come true. That gives a fair three wishes for each of you.

The bear instantly asked the frog to change all male bears from the wood to female bears.
Bunny asked for a motorcycle helmet...

The bear seemed surprised with his decision, albeit didn't hesitate to ask for a sex change of every male bear within 100 miles.
Bunny asked for a motorcycle, the fastest cross ever existed. He of course got one, climbed at it and started the engine.

-Hey, bunny: what're you doing? - Asked the bear - you've already squandered two wishes
-Take it easy, I know what I'm doing... - the bunny replied.

In that case the bear said to the frog:
-Why should I bother! I want all the other male bears in the entire world to change sex!

Then bunny accelerated and shouted: "I WANT THE BEAR TO BE GAY" as he drove of...
Doc: Well sir, I'm afraid I have some bad news for you...
Patient: Oh, yes? Go on, tell me!
Doc: It seems that you'll soon die, to be specific your remaining time is: 10...
Patient [INTERRUPTING]: "TEN" WHAT? Doc, years, months, days?
Doc: 9... 8... 7... 6... 5...
Hello my polish neighbour. Greetings from LithuaniaEmotion: smile. It is so interesting that I've already heard the joke about the gay bear at my place. Do you think it is a polish joke? Or is it a lithuanian joke? Or an eastern influenced joke?Emotion: smile