Hi everyone,

I am translating a poem of Rachel Wiley into French, where she writes:

"I will only be a one woman tent revival

with the lights on late

sweat slick and handing out glory"

And I was wondering if you could help me understand what she means by "woman tent" because I have no idea what she means and if it's a specific anglophone expression that I don't know about.

Thank you !

Mathilde DS"I will only be a one woman tent revival

I'd read it as "one-woman tent revival".

A tent revival is a church service, or more usually a series of services held every evening for a few days, held in a large tent that is put up for the purpose. They usually feature a visiting preacher, who preaches inspiring sermons intended to strengthen the faith of existing Christians, and win converts to Christianity.

She seems to be comparing herself to the preacher in such a setting.

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A tent revival is a big religious event held in an enormous tent. The "one-woman" part means that she is putting on the event unaided. It's like a "one-man band", a man with cymbals on his knees and various musical instruments slung about his person, and a "one-man show", where an actor appears alone on stage for an entire play.

thank you this helps a lot !