I need a quite difficult text to challenge my tranlation skills.

Please Introduce me a literary text, part of a novel, an article or something like those, which written by a famous Author.

Hello, SJ - and welcome to English Forums.

You can test your translation skills against [url=http://www.trentu.ca/faculty/jjoyce/fw-3.htm ]FINNEGANS WAKE[/url], by James Joyce. That should challenge you.
I appreciate you, but I need something more modern than james joyce's novels. Many old-fashioned words has been used in such old novels.

I need a text that have many grammer points.

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Don't be an idiot, and don't try to bluff me. There is no one more modern than Joyce. Finnegans Wake is so full of grammar points that you will choke on them. If you are not up to the challenge, then admit it and start translating some Sidney Sheldon or something, like the rest of the beginners.