4. He was so believed in Veteran Team Leader that he would be quicker on trigger as soon as the Leader’s words were on the lips.
5. the most important thing to develop agriculture in such a vast country with large population and undeveloped economy , is the dependence on series of right polices which can stimulate the enthusiasm of the peasants so that they can be self – reliant and hard struggling .
6. The winter in Beijing only stirred astonishment and gloom( melancholy)in my heart ,although there is still snow pack on the grounded ,black and bare branches thrusting up the clear sunny sky where one or two kites floating far away.
7. It was about 8 o’clock in the evening that day ,after evening devotion ,the old monk saw a young man as soon as he closed the door. The young man ,about seventeen, with a folding fan in his right hand and a Buddhist book in left hand ,went to the feet of shrine and read the book out under the oil lamp .

4. You need to try this one all over again.

5. Needs a little work - with a large population and an underdeveloped economy...a series of effective policies...hard-struggling is not a good way to phrase this, struggle is a very negative word.

6. 'only stirred astonishment and gloom (melancholy) - re-think this part.
snow packed? on the ground or snow on the ground (better).
thrusting up into
where one or two kites floating far away - you have either missed a word out of this or need to change the word floating into floated.

7. Nearly right with this one! You are missing a word before 'the old monk'
oh ,thanks for your correction!
Emotion: smile thanks again ,I like your way of correction.