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I'm looking for a good English translation of 'respondent decay', which is a literal translation of Dutch 'respondentenbederf'. This is the phenomenon that by not being appreciative of participants taking part in your study, they will get less likely to take part in any future studies. One way to counter this, for example, would be by sharing a brief summary of your findings and conclusions after completion of the research.

I'd be happy to hear from anyone who has a good one or two-word translation, preferably one that is widely used or recognized in academia.

I appreciate the help! :-)



Something like "survey fatigue" comes to mind, though you're not talking about surveys, as far as I can tell. Maybe "experimental subject fatigue" or "research subject fatigue" or "scientific subject fatigue", all of which can be shortened to "subject fatigue". In any case my instincts tell me that the English equivalent has "fatigue" in it somewhere. Emotion: smile




unappreciated participants

ignored participants

disregarded participants

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Thank you! Very helpful suggestions! :-)

'Fatique' sounds great! Thanks CJ!

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