Sleep nicely, quietly
by Attila Jozsef ( Translation Pieter)

We have a nice evening. Sleep nicely, quietly.
My neighbours’ re going to bed too.
The pavers have already strolled home.
The stones were clinking far away, clearly
And the hammer
And the street,
And now it’s silence.
It was long time ago since I’ve seen you.

Your two worker arms are so cool,
As this river with grande silence.
It’s not gurgling, just walking away.
So slowly, that even the trees go asleep besides them,
Then the fish,
And the stars.
And I’ll remain entirely alone.

I’m tired, I worked a lot,
But I’ll fall asleep.
Sleep nicely, silently.
You are sad too, for sure,
That’s why I’m sad myself.

It’s silence.
The flowers are forgiving us now.
Can you explain a bit further the last line, please?
My God, if genous poetry was so easy to bre explained. Maybe I'll tell you how I feel about it tomorrow.Sleep well , Maj