Hi all,
I wonder which word should I use when talking about means of transport during package tour.

Transport: by bus
Transfer: by bus
or even
Transportation: by bus

Or is the word COACH used in this example? Is there any difference? I want to express that the bus is used during the whole package tour to travel from one place to another...

Thank you for your help.
Hi Eff,

There are very probably differences between American English and British English usage here. From your previous posts, I gather you have a passion for Scotland, so this answer is from a UK perspective.

In the UK, we'd usually talk of coach travel for this kind of package tour.

Bus tends to be used more for shorter journeys, often with greater regularity, and in smaller geographical areas. In London, for example, there are a large number of bus routes, which run with some frequency throughout the day (and night, on some routes). We'd never use a coach for these services, but you probably would if you were travelling from London to Birmingham, or from London to Portsmouth, for example.

Coaches are generally long single-deck vehicles, with a greater storage capacity (i.e. for luggage/baggage) than buses.

Buses, by contrast, can be single-decker, double-decker, or, in London, very long (and controversial) single-decker vehicles popularly known as 'bendy buses'. They all have less storage capacity than do the coaches used for longer journeys.

Hope you find that of some help, but it would be interesting to get an American's perspective on your question too.
Very helpful, thank you so much! Is there any difference in using TRANSPORT, TRANSFER and TRANSPORTATION? I think "transfer" signifies shorter journey, e.g from the airport to a hotel. Am I right?
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Hi Eff,

Yes, you're right, transfer would normally only be used for a short (often very short) journey from one form of transport or location to another.

Transport is a general term that can include buses, coaches, taxis, trains, and even aircraft. It can be used either as a noun or a verb, and for moving around both people and goods (the latter, usually in lorries or vans). Incidentally, the authority that runs public transport in London, is known as Transport for London.

Transportation is a term rarely used in the UK in this context. When used here, it's more likely to have the special historical use of moving prisoners to penal colonies in Australia, for example, or in the context of the slave trade.
and from an Australian perspective the bus and coach difference is as explained by the first answer.
transport by bus .... could mean the tour journey is done by bus, so is it a short journey?
transfer by bus.... usually infers that you are transferred say from the airport to your hotel. Commonly referred to as just transfers in brochures.
transportation by bus,... I think is just a more elaborate way of saying the first item.

Coaches are usually more comfortable, have air-conditioning, sometimes a toilet, all geared for a longer journey.

Really you need the context of the particular trip to form a better opinion
Thank you for your help. It´s clear to me now:-)
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