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'Travel as a means of education" - To what extent do you agree with this?

Whether or not travel is a means of education has posed an open-ended controversy. Some people dismiss this as unreasonable. However, others, myself included, believe it to be true.

To begin with, It seems undeniable that travel helps broaden one's mind. Each region has its own cultural life, therefore, the more you travel, the more eye-opening experience you can accumulate. Moreover, the conception of travel is not only confined to sight-seeing but also learning. This is the reason why many artists, poets get into the habit of strolling around just to seek inspirations.Ordinary people also manage to gather useful tips for their daily life from their surroundings.

Futhermore, travel is proved to be of great use in promoting maturity. Those who limit themselves domestically will never discover how fantastic the outside world is. Frequent travellers, however, experience the contrary. They come and meet people of different personalities, see things with their own two eyes. As a result, a profound outlook on life takes its roots naturally and, of course, a good command of the world seems nothing too much.

The general population may argue that in this advanced age of radio, television and newspapers travel is a waste of time. However, these mass media are likely to give rise to false impressions, which may be dangerous in some cases. By travelling , one has a great chance of putting things into perspectives. Besides, people can verify the information the receive in the most effective way.

In the final analysis, for the aforementioned arguments, I am of the opinion that travel has every reason to be a means of education
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