Thailand has the most beautiful and lively cities and tourist attractions in the world. It has great varieties of wonderful places such as islands, beaches, hills, caves, waterfalls and historical places. And we are Thai, we should support travel in Thailand. In my opinion, travel in Thailand is better than travel abroad for several reasons.

First, tourists can save budget. Domestic travel is a short trip. They don't need to exchange money.

Secound, it is covenient in their trip. It takes short time because they live in Thailand. They can get help more easily when they get lost.

Finally, They help support Thailand economy. Money from travellers is still in Thailand. Thailand will be developed because of better economy.

In conclusion, I believe travel in Thailand is better than travel abroad because tourists can save budget. And travel in Thailand is more convenient than travel abroad. In addition, tourists should support Thailand economy by travel in Thailand. What do you think about travel in Thailand?
I see you are saying but sometime may be change location for meet new things and take new experiance.
I agree with you that travelling around our own country also brings a lot of great experiences, since each region has its unique characteristic with different accents, different customs, and beautiful sites,…. Moreover, this is a good way for us to gain lots of knowledge about our country, which is a proud when we share to foreigners.Emotion: smile
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Are you Thailand tourist agent? Emotion: stick out tongue Well, I had plans to come to Thailand in November but it didn't work out. Hope to visit you soon. You are the nearest and cheapest for me. Emotion: big smile And I am pretty sure it'd be enjoyable as well.
i think thalind is abeatiful and wonderfull country with its nature really i did not came to thailand but my friends talking about it Emotion: paradise
I am interested in doing a semester in Thailand and I came across styduadvisor.
How's the education system of Thailand like?
Easy to access?
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You are realy should be cherish of your country firstly and your transportaion secondly. Whatever you make an indirectly comprasion between transportation in Thailand and transportation abroad, your realy have aperfect one but it is too difecult to say it is the best among the countries.

Note: your realy have a good organisation "Paragraphs" which it helps the reader to understand the containment of your topic.