A Frenchman had arrived at a small Italian town and was staying with his wife at a hotel there. One night he went out for a walk alone. It was late and the small street was dark. Suddenly he heard footsteps behind him. He turnrd his head and saw a young man who quickly walked past him. The man was nearly out sight when the Frenchman suddenly found that his watch was gone. He thought that it was the Italian who had taken his watch. Soon the Frenchman caught up with the Italian. Neither of them understood the other's language. The Frenchman threatened the Italian with his fist and pointed to his watch-pocket. The Italian thought that the Frenchman was demanding his own watch. In the end the Italian gave up his watch to the Frenchman.

When he returned to the hotel the Frenchman told his wife what had happened. he was very surprised when his wife pointed to the watch on the table. Only then did he realize that by mistake he had robbed the Italian of his watch.
Hehe, this can happen to the best of us. Emotion: stick out tongue

Funny story!
ha ha - very funny.
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very cute and every one need to think.. before going to do somethingEmotion: smile