Today more and more tourists are visiting places where conditions are difficult, such as the Sahara desert to the Antarctic. What are the benefits and disadvantages for tourists who visit such places?

Nowadays, it seems more trendy to travel to areas with extremely harsh conditions than familiar places. While this tendency has many merits for visitors, I believe that there are various drawbacks for them.

On the one hand, there is no denying that tourists can gain a variety of benefits from visiting these places. First, people will have an opportunity to acquire more specialist knowledge that they are less able to get in other popular destinations with high-story complexes or warmly cozy beaches. To avoid the likelihood of potentia accidents or damage in those special places, tourists must be carefully trained with specific information such as safety guides or survival skills. Furthermore, travelers are more likely to gain confidence and fulfillment after overcoming this difficult trip in these places. For example, they will be full of pride if they manage to climb to the top of the Everest Mountains.

On the other hand, it should be noted that traveling to areas with difficult conditions can have some negative aspects. As those places, such as the Sahra desert or the Antarctic, have unexpected dangers, visitors with a lack of knowledge and skills can struggle with challenging situations. For example, they could be victims of a drinkable water shortage if they get lost in deserts. Another detrimental side is that people are able to suffer from health problems when they travel to remote lands. It seems that there are many unknown and serious pathogens in these distant places, which can make people weaker after those trips.

In conclusion, when it comes to traveling to harsh and difficult places, people can experience drawbacks such as potential dangers and sickness, regardless of the benefits of knowledge and confidence.
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