I'm a chinese college student in Traditional Chinese Medicine.Now i'm having my interpretation courses and I find it difficult to pronounce the english name of chinese herbs, for example,schizonepeta( how to pronounce?this is a kind of pungent and warm properties herbs which wide use in clinical treatment).

Do anyone know the interpretation website of chinese medicine? That will be a great help.

Thanks a lot

If it is pronunciation of the botanic Latin that is giving you trouble, this site explains it: http://www.saltspring.com/capewest/pron.htm

Sadly none of the herbal guides seem to give the Latin pronunciation, they seem to concentrate on the Chinese names.
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Thank you,that's kind of you.So you mean i could just explain the herbs in "pinyin"( chinese prounce)?

but the people who are not native chinese couldn't understand "pinyin"....it's still long way to let people know more about chinese medicine...

thank you again:)
If you are going to be dealing with non-native Chinese, then to be able to tell them the Latin botanic name will be more help than the name in Chinese. Here is another site which you might find useful, which gives the names of the herbs in a number of languages plus the botanic one: http://alternativehealing.org/herb_index_Latin_A.htm
thank you~It's very kind of you.I have visited the website that you recommend to me.I think it's very useful website.thanks a lot:)
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Glad to be of help Emotion: big smile