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Is either "treat" or "treat with" correct in the following sentences?

1. He is a cruel person. Don't treat him.

2. He is a cruel person. Don't treat with him.




What do you mean by 'treat'? Are you talking to a doctor?


The speakers of some languages tend to confuse 'treat' with 'deal'.

Don't deal with him is probably what you are aiming at, but even that isn't quite right. You could say Don't associate with him, but that's probably too formal for the situation. What you say depends on the exact situation, but it might be something like

He's a bully. Keep your distance from him.

See Clive's excellent suggestions.


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Thank you, Clive.

I mean when you get to know a person, and then you realize that they are bad and cruel and unfriendly. Then a close friend of you wants to be that person's friend, but you will tell your close friend not behave with that person because the bad person will harm him. So as that time, can I say the following?

1. Don't treat or behave with that person. He's cruel and unfriendly.

2. Don't treat that person. He's unkind and cruel.

We don't use 'treat' with that meaning.

To your friend, say

eg Don't have anything to do with that person.

eg Stay away from him.

cruel is a very strong and relatively uncommon word.

More natural is eg He's not a nice person.

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Thank you, Clive.
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Thank you, CalifJim.
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