Do these mean the same thing? If so,
which would you use?
1. Everyone treated my words as a joke.
2. Everyone regarded my words as a joke.
3. Everyone considered my words as a joke.
Thank you.
I would omit the as from #3. Treated suggests that listeners' actions followed upon the words, influenced by them, or that the listeners laughed at the words, in derision. #2 and #3 are synonymous. I would perhaps say took my words for/as a joke.
I agree Mr Micawber, although I'd say "took my words for a joke" has a slightly different meaning to "considered my words a joke". The first implies the listeners assumed I (as the speaker) intended my words to be a joke, whereas the second implies I may have meant them seriously! I know it's a subtle difference, but then that's the beauty of English - it can be that subtle!