click on the link,
you will see picture
when the picture shown on the screen, move far about 3 or 4 meter from the screen and see what happen

Hm.... nothing happened, this why I didn't get the trick. Emotion: sad
Btw, Happy New Year!
Happy New Year

try again, it is easy, just see what happen, first see the picture in near place, then go far, after that you can observe the change
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both pics start moving bak and forth?
hmm i don't understabd
hmm, neither do i.

Emotion: wink
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Pretty In Pinkboth pics start moving bak and forth?
maybe he(she) means "both pics start moving back and forward"...^^
ah, I think the woman's face changes to a man's face(not the man on the left)
and the man on the left is more evil....^^