Really tricky game... maybe everyone should give it a try and let me know any hints because im stuck :D Here it is http://www.fasco-csc.com/works/bluechamber/index_e.php
Break a leg ppl!
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I'm stuck too. If I saw a red skull, does that mean I lost?
Very Good quote , thanks for posting it. u seems to me the very critical about friends
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Iv sent the help me message down and got the answer ,ive got the pen money paper with message and yellow box but im stuck
after you draw on the money, you have to go to the phone and dial 4357 * 63 (On the phone this will spell help me, personally i think that was the dumbest thing ever because it is nearly impossible to figure that one out) After you dial, then send the money that you drew on up the shaft and press the red button. After that a key will come back down the tube, and you can unlock the door.
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friendzz, I've sent the paper and receieved it with a red skull on it.and then I dialled the numbers..but where will I find the money that u mentioned?? The mans says "okayy" but nothing happens (by the way after his saying "ok" I again sent the yellow bottle but nothing happens) pleasee helppp..

thankss a lot from now..
The money is behind the painting. Keep pressing on the painting in different spots to make it fall down. If you dont want to try to figure it out yourself which corners to press on the painting then here it is. Press the top right corner, then the top left corner, and then the very bottom middle of the painting and it tshould fall down and a bill will be on the wall.
Thank you very much Tide Emotion: smile
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