Often a possessive pronoun is required before the object of a preposition or verb:

1a) If you don't mind my asking.

1b) Due to dave's visiting me.

Question: Is there ever an instance where the object of a gerund or participle requires a pronoun in the possessive case and not the objective case?


2a) I saw him attack her, causing me to ask him why

2b) I saw him attack her, causing my to ask him why.

2c) I saw him attack her, causing my asking him why.

2d) I saw him attach her, causing my yelling at him.

2a) Correct

2b) Incorrect

2c) Technically correct, but quite awkward - don't use it

2d) See 2c
Hi, Philip,

Could you possibly tell me why pronouns do not use the possessive case when they head the object of a participle or gerund?

And why are 2c and d technically correct and 2b is not?