Can you give me a precious tip from the following two paragraph?

1. Less than a decade into the new millennium, the separation between art and ordinary life is diminishing. ... Art is not a phase of life apart from the work-a-day world, to which one may turn in moments of leisure or perhaps in the name of so-called "culture,' or in a spirit of worship.

2. Whatever the reason for such behavior, unbalanced conversations usually remind us that turn taking is a fundamental part of the give and take that we expect from others in our everyday interactions.

I think,in 1, the underlined 'which' represents 'phase' and in 2, the underlined 'that' represents 'part.'

I want to know if I am right or not in my reasoning.

And I also want to know if someone asks me, why can't it be 'life' in 1, and why can't it be 'the give and take' in 2, how can I explain?
'Precious' is too strong a word-- it sounds overly sycophantic.

Yes, 'to which' probably refers to 'a phase' if we must select a word (the commas are strange and distracting) in #1-- but it could as well refer to 'Art'. In cannot be 'life' because we do not turn to life in moments of leisure!

In #2, 'that' refers to 'give and take', not 'part'-- it is give and take that we expect daily.


And Thanks again about "precious."