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True or False

F 1. Either an adverb or an adjective can modify a verb.

T 2. A preposition usually has an object.

F 3. Prepositional phrases are used as adjectives or adverbs.

F 4. Every verb requires a direct object.

T 5. A subject complement describes or identifies the subject.

T 6. A subordinate clause does not make sense by itself.

F 7. Every compound sentence contains a subordinate clause.

T 8. A clause that modifies a verb is an adverb clause.

F 9. An adjective clause is one that modifies an adjective.

F 10. A clause that begins with who, whose, or whom would generally be an adverb clause.
#3 is T

A responsible government encourages people to exercise self-control. What is the answer true or false?