True Friends For Life
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The Friends that i call true an dear friends are the ones who i care about the most an well do about anything for...... its something that only a few people well under stand an do for one another but here i say the ones i truely trust are my friends for life. how can you tell who are your true friends..... you might ask yourself that question an think about it for there is really only a hand full or two of them that i can name ....... the way i look at it is they who are there for you an care for you are friends ... those who try to help you an yet you sometimes push them away and all they do is stand by your side are friends ....... the world is a place were you need friends like this because no one should be left alone with no friends i feel that life sometimes pulls at my very own soul testing my self in what to do....... all threw your life your put threw test after test.... that there is were your friends well come an help you when you need it the most .... and even when your not being tested by life ... they are still there with you makeing the good times feel 10 times better ..... there fore i tell you my friend to hold on too the friends that you know who are your true friends...... but yet also let them know that you are also there by there side..... My true friends that i trust for life are ...

Alex J. , Adam / aka POOG , Jake K. , Gavon Talon, Taylor H. , Brody, Brandond , Damon , Brandy , and Jesse Taylor aka Jesse Kohn

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Justin Darner
Hi Justine, why not try at least to use the correct spelling?

There is no such word as "i" in English. And and is spelled with a d, which you ommit throughout the text.

alright ill try to do better on the next one
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AltarexAll right I'll try to do better on the next one
This will help you .