Which are/or are not standard English?

1 All of the students in the class know one another.

2 There have been rumors of a strike.

3 The rest of the class agreed with Santos.

4 We set up a new budget because prices were rising rapidly.

5 The officers are Pete, Alva, Juan, and I.

6 They gave the prize to we boys.

7 Grandma should have laid her glasses in a safer place.

8 Who is standing there?

9 My brother, along with the other boys, leaves in the morning.

10 Jack quickly called signals and then tries a forward pass.

11 Someone had sprung the trap and taken the bait.

12 I had scarcely begun until he interrupted me.

13 I saw only him.

14 Whom did you call?

15 We have lain here on the beach all afternoon.

16 If he had not eaten and drank so fast, he would not feel ill.

17 The Student Council is deciding between us two.

18 Who did I give it to?

19 One of the three boys are guilty.

20 The best grades in algebra went to George and I.

21 My friend has run for the car every morning this week.

22 I wish I had laid down when I first felt sick.

23 They awarded the trophy to Hiro and myself.

24 The house, including the carpets and drapes, were sold.

25 Felicia was angry at her sister.

26 Isaac is proficient at math.

27 Alex says he could have help us.

28 Everyone who is going has bought his ticket.

29 My best subject is Spanish, and I haven't passed a test this month.
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What, CJ, says is true. I also prefer to answer a few questions, not a long list of questions. I just switch off on seeing the list.

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Oh my gosh....just can across this page and say a post with a bunch sentences. Erase them !!!!!! I am testing my student and these sentences are on the state test.

Nice try to the person who posted this. This is all on the CAT Exams.





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