I've noticed that people make use of the "try an" structure instead of the "try to" one. E.g.: Grandma's not in a good mood right now, so try and be quiet.
But sometimes, they also say "try to", like in: Try to understand what I'm telling you.
So, are they interchangeable, can I choose between one or another?
Thank you.
You have hit on one of my pet peeves. I just really, really hate hearing "Try and [do X]" when "Try to [do X] is the intended meaning. I am fighting a losing batter. I would encourage you to pick "try to" but you'll fit in just fine with the rest of humanity if you say "try and."
I am fighting a losing batter.
Add more eggs. Emotion: smile

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Eek. I wrote that just as I went to make additional dinner prep. Do you think it was Freudian?
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Ok, so they are both fine. I prefer to say "try to", but 90% of the time they say "try and". Except in lyrics, I guess.