First thought: this game is so stupid and simple!!Emotion: big smile

Second thought: is not so simple!! Emotion: surprise

Third thought: I hate this game because is impossible to finish!! Emotion: super angryEmotion: crying

Result: I've never finished this game,but it's sooo addictive (for me)! Emotion: wink

have you passed it?
No... Emotion: sad my best is 6 spheres.. Emotion: sad
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Hi Nyla! Could you please explain this game to me?
Hi Benita! Emotion: smile have to unite the spheres,when there are two or more red/blue/green/etc spheres,click on them,and they will vanish,go on this way and try to finish all the coloured spheres. Emotion: smile

I hope that my explanation is clear. Emotion: embarrassed