Song no.1- part of lyrics (attempt)...

yes for you, ..Well maybe tomorrow far away,
And maybe the sun has gone awayyyaya,
I'm feeling so bad since you let me down,
I search for a star, that passed me afar.
good for you,
so now how can I not think of you,you'll be mine eternally,
how can I not think of you,ahha ...
your mine,
ahha ...all mine, your mine, your mine, your mine......

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Song no.2- part of lyrics(attempt)

On an avenue at the boulevard there´s a maison de la mode
to the red light and the welcome on the door
it´s an institut to the destitute there´s a maison de la mort
with a many boat and has come back for more
as you walk along the avenue de la maison de la mode
it´s a cue 7 o´clock aside the door......

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Sorry for bad quality clips sound. It was recorded from Radio Luxembourg in 1975-
I did google search- no result
If anybody could repair my "lyrics" it would be fine. Any help would be appreciated


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The second song was: La Maison de l'Amour - recorded by glamrock band Son Of A Gun, that was often played in radio Luxembourg in march or april of 1975. I wonder that was not UK's Top50 hit similar as Smokie (Smokey that time) - Pass It Around, Yellow Bird - Attack Attack, Hello - Games Up , or even Alice Cooper's - Department Of Youth. Or Barry Blue - You Make Me Happy, Daniel Boone - Run Tell The People and even Shabby Tiger's - Slow Down failed the charts. I was only 14 years old then, but I perfectly remember that beautiful radio-Luxembourg listening time.
Hello to Anonymous! I'm from Latvia and my name is Edvins Gorbunovs. Bye Bye!Emotion: embarrassed
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Hi Edvins!
Now I checked my post-too late-found your response. Somebody did I.D. my clip ( Maison de lÁmour) already- so thanks anyway. I have mp3 of this- I can post it to you if you want.
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Yes for you (or just for you)1975 remains "mystery".

I think recognise the 2nd song. In the mid 70's I went to Baileys in Watford to see a boyfriend's friend perform there. They played Maison de la Mort. Unfortunately I can't remember the band's name but they came from somewhere in Abbey Wood, South East London. I seem to remember that the record was banned from being given air time.

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On an avenue off the boulevard lies La Maison de l'Amour
with a red light and a welcome on the door
It's an institute for the destitute it's la Maison de l'Amour
Where the men in their bowler hats come back for more

As you walk along the avenue to la Maison de l'Amour
There's a queue at seven o'clock outside the door
Introverts and extroverts and those who aren't too sure
Will be paying their way to la Maison de L'Amour

Toujours L'Amour for sure
" " " "
Tonight I'm gonna be a man if I can
Toujours L'Amour for sure
" " " "
I'm gonna knock upon the door
De la Maison de L'Amour
The song is called masion de L'Amour. by son-of-a-gun.
A band from portugal.
It was on the complimation album supersonic. can be heard on youtube.
On an avenue in a blvd is the masion de l'mour with a red light and a welcome on the door .
Its a institute or the destitute is the masion de l'amour and i sware to you that i have never been in before .
Hope this helps.
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