Hi everybody.I don't know if someone could help me find this song,it could belong in the funk-urban or rare- groove category,with the lyrics down to(or on) the ground.No it is not the Michael Jackson song.I first heard it in a strip joint(nudie bar),and it is a very heavy,sexy funky song,with synthesizers,definitely not commercial,probably black male vocalist,single artist or band? probably recorded in the late seventies or early eighties.Wish I asked the dj for the title back then... Thanks.
What? Still haven't found it yet?(lol).Man I have been looking on specialized(funk,rock) internet radios and still have not found it yet.It's an obsession.
Not much to go on there, any chance you can remember any more lyrics ?

70's funk soul is my fave stuff.
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It is mostly a song where the mood and the groove are important.I can describe the mood as dramatic and heavy,exciting and sexy,a damn good song.Picture a woman doing a striptease to it.It is not a vintage funk tune but rather mid-70's to early 80's synthesized-bass heavy song that reminds me of the Bar-kays(but it's not them I checked on AMG).